Bamboo massage

Description: Massage with bamboo sticks and essential oils.

Result: Improves blood and lymph circulation, relieves from negative emotions, muscle tension and spasm. Reduces the depression and stress, improves sleep and immunity. Significantly reduces the fatty layer and cellulite.


Classic massage

Description: All the muscles of the body are intensely processed.

Result: It eliminates tension and stress, improves blood circulation and regeneration processes of the body.


Relax Massage (aromatherapy)

Description: During procedure aromatic essential oils are used.

Result: Effective for body and mind relaxation. Relieves from negative emotions, muscle tension and spasm.


Anticellulite Massage 

Description: Problem zones are intensively proceesed.

Result: Massage decreases the fatty layer and cellulite. Eliminates accumulated toxic substances, improves metabolism process; promotes correction and density of body shapes.

Recommended: With body wrap and hydrotherapy procedures, every second day or everyday locally, 7-15 procedures for maximum effect.


Honey Massage (classic) 

Description: During procedure, Georgian honey is used.

Result: Honey removes the toxins from the body, removes the cellulite layer, nourishes and firms the skin, the skin becomes much more soft and velvety.


Therapeutic massage (osteochondrosis) 

Description: Muscles of back are processed by using medicinal ointment.

Result: Strengthens muscle corset, improves lymph and blood circulation, reduces muscle tension and spasm, has an analgesic effect.

Recommended: 10 procedure for perfect result. 


Classic massage (full body) 50 min. 120 GEL
Relax massage (Aromatherapy) 50 min. 110 GEL
Bamboo massage 40 min. 100 GEL
Honey massage (Classic)  50 min. 150 GEL
Anti-Cellulite massage 50 min. 100 GEL
Therapeutic massage (Osteochondrosis)  30 min. 100 GEL
Back massage 25 min. 70 GEL
Hands or legs massage 25 min. 50 GEL
Face and decollete massage 25 min. 60 GEL
Head massage with foam 20 min. 50 GEL