Hydromassage (underwater massage)

Description: The specialist affects the problematic areas of the body by using water jet.

Result: Rapid diminishing of fatty layers and cellulite Correction of body shapes, restoration of skin density and elasticity. Improves the digestive system process. Removes foot muscle tension and swelling.

Recommended: Relax massage (aromatherapy) or herbal sauna after hydromassage. Every other day by taking into consideration the specialist’s recommendation.


Sharko, Vichy or Circular water 

Description: During procedure, water jet is used.

Result: The metabolism process , blood and lymph movement are improved, the organism is released from slags, Release from chronic fatigue, depression and neuroses. It is used for esthetic and medicinal purposes, for rehabilitation of musculoskeletal system, for osteochondrosis treatment, for correction of body forms after pregnancy (postpartum).

Recommended: Doubly effective with body wrapping or/and spa capsule procedures.


Hydromassage (Underwater massage) 20 min. 80 GEL
Sharko, Vichy or Circular  shower 5/10 min. 20/25 GEL