Face care (Thalassotherapy)

Otiume Spa offers individual face care programs for any type of skin. Taking into consideration your skin type and existing problems, the specialist will select the individual face care program for your skin and products of the premium quality French brand product Thalasso. In cosmetology, machine Skin Karma is used for ultrasound peeling and in every procedure it is used French brand product Thalasso which is made based on natural components. Besides, Otiume Spa offers the procedures of injection free mesotherapy for face, décolletes and hands zones.


Moisturizing face care     85 GEL
Balancing face care   85 GEL
Cleaning face care   85 GEL
Whitening face care   85 GEL
Anti-Aging face care   85 GEL
Mask <>   70 GEL
Mask <   70 GEL
Ultrasound peeling (face & decollete) 30 min. 50 GEL
Ultrasound massage (face & decollete)  30 min. 50 GEL
Bio impedance test  20 min. 15 GEL
"Injection-free mesotherapy" (face) 20 min. 85 GEL
"Injection-free mesotherapy" (face,decollete and hands) 35 min. 130 GEL
"Body Injection-free mesotherapy" (one processing zone) 30 min. 110 GEL