Body care (Thalassotherapy)

Body Peeling (Talasso Bretagne) 

Description: Luxury and premium-quality French brand products Thalasso - removes dead skin cells from your body, will make the skin smoother, younger, and velvet; It helps in getting better sunbathe.


Body Wrap (optionally) 

Description: Total and local wrapping of different zones of the body (whole body, legs, belly, hands, combination). This is revitalizing, rejuvenating, nourishing and anti-cellulite procedure at the same time.

Result: Restores and nourishes the skin with sea minerals, removes muscle tension, effective for silhouette correction.

Recommended: effective with spa capsule procedures. On every other day 7-10 procedures.


Sea mineral therapy (magnesium, calcium) 

Description: Sea mineral therapy is recommended for people of all ages.

Результат: Restores the balance of calcium and magnesium in the body. Mineralization, detoxification and relaxation, strengthen immunity; improve the quality of the skin.


Body peeling 30 min. 100 GEL
Sea mineral therapy (magnesium, calcium) 90 min. 200 GEL
Body wrap (optional) 40 min. 100 GEL
Anti-Cellulite wrap  45 min. 100 GEL
Spa Capsule (16 optional programs)   80 GEL
 Body wrap & Spa Capsule  40 min. 160 GEL
<> for feet 45 min. 80 GEL
Express care for feet <>   45 min. 80 GEL
Ultrasound cavitation (non-surgical liposuction)   20 min. 40 GEL
Procedure "Silhouette Vacuum Correction"   (one zone)   30 min. 50 GEL
Procedure "Silhouette Vacuum Correction"  (two zones)  45 min. 80 GEL
 RF – Lifting 60 min. 100 GEL